Weapons are seldom made without an idea of what design we’re following. This usually takes the form of images and accompanied notes. It’s how it works with commissions and it’s also how it works here, in the ‘Unbuilt Armoury’.
Below are genres of different types of weapons or props. The only difference is, we’ve done 100% of the design work and provided as much written information as possible to accompany each design.
Each section has a plethora of designs which, if purchased, then gets hand made for you by our team in exactly the same way that a commission would be done.
As we come up with ideas we will simply just keep adding them to the pile.

Tribal designs are currently the only designs available as we grow this section

     Tooth Maul  
   Code: 0046KHUA1H150420
   Code: 0047KHUA1H150420

     Flint Sword with Bones Hilt  
   Code: 0042KHUA1H150420
   Code: 0043KHUA18150420

     Bound Maul  
   Code: 0050KHUA1H150420
   Code: 0051KHUA1H150420

     Large Tooth Maul  
   Code: 0054KHUA1H150420
   Code: 0055KHUA1H150420

     Tribal Club Axe  

     Tribal Club-Sword with Binding  

     Tribal Club-Sword  

     Native Stone Club  

     Tribal Tooth Sword  

     Double-Sided Tooth Club  

     Tribal Bone-Sword  

     Tribal Flint Axe  

     Tribal Single-Headed Bone Axe  

     Single-Headed Flint Axe