1. Useful Information
  2. Hack and Slash Reserved Rights  
  3. Commissions / Bespoke Weaponry  
  4. Materials  
  5. Guarantee  
  6. Ordering  
  7. Refund Policy  
  8. Care of Your Weapon  
  9. Repair Service  
  10. Leather Items  
  11. This website  
  12. Despatch times  
  13. Carriage Charges – Need to be looked into and added  



1. Useful Information


Every item bought from Hack and Slash has a one year warranty.
If a latex weapon has manufacturing fault, we will, of course, be more than happy to replace it free or charge. This does not cover, however, if a latex weapon has taken damage due to its wielder using it in an improper manor or if the weapon has not been stored correctly. Correct usage and storage guidelines can be found on this site.

Unless otherwise requested or stated, we manufacture all our products to comply with the safety standards of major UK live action role-playing systems. Please tell us if the system for which the item is required for has different safety standards (softer foam for example), as we can only accept responsibility for products failing safety checks if it is due to manufacturing error.

The risk in all goods shall pass to the customer on delivery of the item/s.

For general enquiries please send us an email or Facebook message.

Colours may vary.

All specifications are approximate.



2. Hack and Slash Reserved Rights


We reserve the right to use photographic material of all our products made.

We reserve the right to refuse any commission.

We reserve the right to refuse to make a prop if there is a possibility that it may break copyright laws.

We reserve the right to exercise artistic licence when making props if we feel it is needed, without committing to informing the customer.

We reserve the right to change minor details without notice.



3. Commissions / Bespoke Weaponry


For a quotation for a bespoke prop, please send a picture and any written descriptions to us via email or Facebook message (please click here for details), along with any specified measurements. Quotations are usually given within three working days.

For a guide about how to design your own weapon so that it is makeable, please click here.

All commissions are assessed on an individual basis as design, complexity, materials and specialised finishes vary.

Some bespoke props may look ‘slightly’ different from the original design proposed as prop making is not an exact science.

The customer shall indemnify ‘Hack and Slash’ against all damages, penalties, costs and expenses to which ‘Hack and Slash’ may become liable as a result of work undertaken in accordance with the customer’s specifications. This includes an infringement of a registered design or copyright.

We will not send out any part completed weapons.



4. Materials


It is advised that you read all safety information regarding materials available on this site before using the materials in any way. 

Hack and Slash do accept any responsibility for any misuse of materials purchased through this site.

It is the customers' responsibility to ensure that all actions are taken to make working with the materials available on this site as safe as possible. 
Always wear safety equipment if it is advised and take any precautions that are stated on the safety labels or information given.

Hack and Slash do not accept any responsibility for any misinterpretation of safety measures suggested on this site. 

It is the customers’ responsibility to make sure they have done a sufficient amount of research and taken enough measures to ensure the safest possible way of using materials available on this site.

Should you need a data sheet regarding any materials sold on this site, please send us an email with a request. It is down to the individual purchasing the material/s to produce the appropriate COSHH assessment if needed.



5. Guarantee


All Hack and Slash props are guaranteed to last at least one year of proper use. With recommended care and attention they should last far longer. Guidelines for looking after your weapon can be found on this site.

Any manufacturing errors will be replaced free of charge.



6. Ordering


Payment in full is required at point of order.

Please do not send your credit card details via email.

Please note we cannot start to process orders until we have received payment.

All prices are in GBP and include VAT.

To purchase anything from Hack and Slash, you must agree with our terms and conditions



7. Refund Policy


Goods will not be accepted for return without prior agreement.

All weapons constructed by Hack and Slash have to pass an in-house weapons check before being sent to the customers. As a result we will not accept a weapon as refundable due to failed weapon check at an event unless it is due to a manufacturing fault.

Refunds will only be given to the original card details that the credit was originally taken from.

Cancelled commissions / bespoke weapons will still have a charge attached of all materials used to the point of refund request.



8. Care of Your Weapon


We strongly suggest you follow the guidelines on this site in regards to weapon care.

We will not accept responsibility for damaged weapons that have occurred through an individual’s mistreatment.

For suggested upkeep of props, please click here.

For safety information regarding props, please click here.



9. Repair Service


We do not repair any weapons so please do not request any quotations for this service.

It is advised that if you have a prop that is deemed to be a danger by any LARP system, that you do not ever try to use it again in its original capacity.



10. Leather Items


Leather items may have imperfections due to it being a natural material.

All leather items are handmade and not machine produced.



11. This Website


All designs, coding, artwork, text, methods, layouts, terms and conditions and articles are copyright Hack and Slash. Any infringement of copyright will be met with legal action.

All public stories rights are with the authors and Hack and Slash do not claim any ownership over them.

The Hack and Slash website has been fully constructed by ourselves.

We do not pass on any information retrieved or requested by this site to ANYONE.

This site uses cookies and therefore if you do not wish for cookies to be actively used it is advised to leave this site.

We are not associated with any other companies unless otherwise stated.



12. Despatch Times


All latex items are made to order for each individual customer. This is reflected in our despatch time. It is approximately 3 to 5 weeks for weapons depending upon whether the prop is a stock item and what kind of finish is required for the item. Armour lead times are only available in quotations.
Also, our despatch times vary depending on demand. This means we cannot guarantee delivery times, but endeavour to do our best to get your items to you as quickly as possible without hindering the quality of an item.

The despatch time of non-latex stock items are approximately within one week from receipt of payment unless otherwise stated.

Any delivery date quoted is an estimate only and Hack and Slash shall not be liable for the consequences of any delays.



13. Carriage Charges


Carriage charges will vary due to the weight and size of orders. All quotations will supply a carriage charge.
For us to be able to supply a carriage charge we would need to know the full name, address, postcode and phone number of the destination.