Latex weapons are made from the same foam (plastazote) that is used in major sports such as Boxing, Rugby, Icehocky, Cricket and other sports that could involve taking an impact of some kind. It has applications in healthcare acting as support padding amongst other things and is even used as non-corrosive packaging for sensitive, easily damaged materials.
So using this material as the main padding for latex weapons gives maximum impact absorbancy and complies with an industry standard.

The core of a latex weapon is made from either a fibreglass or carbon fibre pultrusion. This means whilst the core is rigid it is also capable of impact absorbtion. A good example of another use of this material is a fishing rod, which is exactly the same and shows how a weapon core will flex without breaking.

Hack and Slash have over a decade of experience in making weapons. Our safety regulations for weapon construction have been built upon since the very first latex weapons were produced in the 1980's. Thickness of foam in relation to core type means optimised safety for the weapons in relation to their designs.

Hack and Slash weapons have an outside multi-layer coating of latex, isoflex and silicone so the covering around the foam is also flexible alowing the foam to do it's job. Cutting edge techniques are used to give weapons the best possible finish whilst remaining durable. They are also designed by experienced graphic artists so they they look cool at the same time!

The guarantee on a weapon is one year, but its life can be extended considerably by taking care of it, following the weapon care guidelines on this site and spraying it with silicone regularly. A weapon life can however be reduced if it is used recklessly against opponents or against ridged surfaces. Latex weapons are built to be used against other latex weapons, not wooden ones or similar hard materials.



It is important to remember that latex weapons, although have been designed to reduce the impact of a strike, are in fact only as safe as the individual wielding them. Thus it is important not to lose control thus becoming unsafe, and maintain competency by remembering the basic rules below. These rules are here for your safety as well as others.

The Golden Rule - Pull your blows!
The weapons constructed using the Hack and Slash guidelines are only designed to absorb part of the impact. If used with full force these weapons can cause injuries. Most role-play groups advise that all players pull their blows, we agree and support that decision.

No Stabbing 
Stabbing with a latex weapon is strictly forbidden by most british Live-Action Role-Play organisations. Weapons are designed to strike using the edge of a blade not to stab with the tip, therefore stabbing with a latex weapon is dangerous and should not be done under any circumstances.

Have Courtesy to the Public
You may be having fun role-playing, but be aware that the general public are not involved in it as well. Seeing a fully armoured Beast Warrior maybe a frightening sight in a live-action role-play, but it is definitely an even scarier sight if your not even role-playing! In some cases the Police may even be called out due to disturbance of the peace. It is common sense, but please be courteous to the general public.

Adhere To Organization Guidelines
Every live-action role-play organization have their own set of safety rules, these have been put in place for the safety for all those who attend. Make sure that before you go to an event you understand what those rules are so safety for everyone can be properly maintained.