Hack and Slash produce lots of weapons every year and sometimes it's good to get some feedback from customers and see how their weapon is doing and if they’re still happy with it. Charley is a very prestigious artist and sells her artwork to help fund her exploits. We at Hack and Slash believe that she’s one of those rare gems which are on route to some sort of fame down the line, so when she sent us an enquiry with a sketch of a weapon in a really basic form (for her) we were so ready for the challenge. As well as a little respectful that if we were to get this wrong, it would be very noticed.

The sketch we recieved of the weapon she wanted for her character, Moonswidow

Moonswidow's staff in the grey


A quick interview with Charley

Hey there Charley! I was wondering if you could do something for us? You know we made you your staff? If possible could we please ask you a few questions about it for an article?


Of course, and I do!



Fab thank you!

Do you think Hack and Slash managed to capture what was in your minds eye for this weapon to fit with your character?



I am super impressed by the accuracy of the design - I gave HnS several sketches I had drawn myself and the weapon produced matched those drawings really really well!



How old is this weapon at the time of answering these questions?



It's about 6-7 months old



Does your weapon feel as durable as you'd want and has it ever had any issues in a weapon test in any system?



It's been very durable so far, and I haven't had any issues with weapons checks. I've added a leather pouch to the end to extend the durability to the pommel, but there's not even visible wear to the latex yet.



Are you happy with your weapon overall?



Yes! It's exactly what I had in mind design-wise, and it's light without being whippy. The only thing I would change is actually commissioning it as stab safe rather than a normal spear, but that's a preference rather than a flaw.



Do you have anything further you'd like to say about your weapon or your experience with Hack and Slash?



I'm very happy with the spear, it's not the first HnS weapon I've owned but the first I've commissioned. It's beautiful and I would definitely commission again, and the turn around from inquiry to having the spear in my hands was much shorter than other weapons makers I've had to deal with!



Thank you, you are all kinds of awesome :)



Moonswidow with her staff