For those who don’t know Davidov, he is the proud owner of the IC bar, ‘Davidov’s’. He’s completely bonkers and comes across as a bit of a softy, but time and time again he has proved that his boundaries are a little further out than your average person.
Davidov speaks to us regularly about weapons and throws at us some pretty weird requests, but when he sends pictures like this weapon,you know he's onto something.
He explained he was after a personal weapon for a character that would stand out and then sent us the graphic below. There are many ways to describe it and many ways to interpret the picture.
Our jaws dropped. All we could say was it’s brutal. We were given the image as a guide and given artistic licence, which always goes a long way with us.


So where to start? We weren’t sure so we just dived in!
The razors looked fun and so they were the first things we made. We’d never made a line like this before so it was good fun.

The weapon itself had to basically just be sculpted. There were no special plans or templates, just artistic license.  As usual there was much sanding, burning cutting etc. And we were particularly pleased with the results!

The latexing as usual really brings a weapon to life and brings it all together. It stops looking like a mass of foam cut into different shapes and becomes a hug piece of sculpted bone with blades inserted on the front to inflict nasty gash wounds.

A word from Davidov himself
I commissioned this for a specific character, then ended up using it for another character at another system instead.
Envisioned as a big brutal bit of engineering to toe alongside a shield with the end for hooking around other peoples shields and locking up weapons with a long grip to let me choose between reach and manoeuvring.
So in practice?
Well the character I’m using this with I can’t use shield so the long handle has had me subconsciously grabbing in both hands for exaggerated crushing blows accompanied with yelling and screaming and it certainly does hook everything, which took some relearning to avoid some uncomfortable clashes, but it had the desired affest that didn’t even think about not using big exaggerated bashy swings suitable for look of the weapon, the wide grip option helps a lot there.
The weapon has had a lot of enquiries made about it and I haven’t had any problems with the “Have you seen my sword/spear/axe/etc” as people recognised it from the start, a few people who hadn’t seen Hack and Slash kit before have said they will be on route to get some since seeing and holding it so I can only assume the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.
Final opinion
A good character weapon that gets instant recognition, encouraged me to play the character and made combat something new again, if I want to get fancy or technical I will be going back to my other weapons but as the majority are Hack and Slash as well I’m sure Kev won’t be too offended.


This piece looks almost primitive but the blades bring it to modern age. We discussed a few changes to the design and I think we reached a best result. A really nice weapon, with a striking appearance going to a top bloke.
If you fancy a pint at a LARP event, keep your eye out for Davidov!