The Humble Character Card Holder

All characters as varied and wonderful that they are, all have one thing in common which they all have to have (mostly in the larger systems); that being the Character Card Holder.
This rectangular decadence holds the key to the skills we hold dear and the information systems look for in order to keep us safe. This card holder is both annoying (as we have to have it) and important for OOC reasons. But a lot of the time this definitive piece of leather (in most cases) is either shunned, slated, hidden (by naughty people) or unchanged throughout a players life.
Because of the way it’s viewed, people generally don’t see its’ potential both for your character and it being a work of art.
A character card holder, if unchanged, gives an almost stagnant soul to characters played. It’s one of the cheapest pieces of kit a player can buy and there are so many variants, so why not get a new one every time you start a new character?
They can fit into your character and blend with your characters attire; they can add to your characters features and add to its characteristics. The holder hanging around your neck is also a reflection of the characters soul as, holding all your characters important information and skills, people look for it when you talk about those things.
Would you want to have one that’s regal if you’re a beasty? Not really.
Would you want to have one that’s overly decorated if you’re trying to play a stealthy character? Maybe not.
Would you want a plain one for an important, rich character? Not if you want to show your eminence.
Think about what card holder you have and consider a change from character to character. There’s plenty available from most traders and can be one of those details which makes a difference to ‘your’ character.


Lots of different types of leather are used to get the look we’re after. Whenever there’s time to lean in the studio (which is rare) out comes the leather and we’ll make whatever flows from us. The card holders are an excellent way for us to practice leathering and sewing skills.

We’ll use whatever medium or method we want in order to achieve what we’re looking for. Laser etching; painting; riveting; dying; engraving; tooling are all method we use and practice with on these lovely works of art.