ISSUE 10 - Obtenebrate


Obtenebrate: Son of the ‘deceptive Bakkarious’ and ‘megalomaniac Fayre’ of the One-Bakkar order. The first mortal born Omega Prince. Feared for his non-physical, pure shadow body and child-like mind.
Being the 14th Omega prince threw the balance of the known world into shambles and brought forth the beginning of the Princedom wars.

With a description like that, it’s hard not to get the juices flowing! Hack and Slash had the task of making this monstrosity a reality!


We literally couldn’t wait to get started! The first thing we did, after some sketches and playing around with bits, was to get our trusty victim, Laurence to stand and be glued and generally abused through the making process. (sorry – not sorry) ;)

We added on pre-cut foam parts onto a t-shirt base. The aim was not to overly bulk the character out, but to warp the humanoid figure to be a little more alien-esq.


We then began to texture over and around the foam using various different materials. We used different coloured latex to see which areas we’d done and to keep an eye on drying times etc.





For the head we decided to go for a face mask rather than a full head mask. We just wanted to tweak features. In this case we wanted to manifest the look of aged power without making him too monstrous, so he would still be apprehensively approachable.


As the name suggests, Obtenebrate is a being of darkness, so he had to be completely blacked.


Sammy of GC loves black face paint, so who better to play him! (All other exposed areas of the body had to blacked out as well or it would ruin the complete shadow appearance we were trying to achieve)