Welcome to the links page. Think of it as a kind of community yellow pages for LARP links. Here we’ve provided links to the other traders, who we’re friends with which provide a really good service and LARP Organisations who run the games we all like to take part in. Also we've privided links to our photo albums on our fb page.
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LARPGEMS.COM are a prestigious LARP store with over a decade of experience in selling LARP weapons, props and equipment. They stock some of the very best and most well-known brands, now including Hack and Slash! Pop over to them if you’d like to browse what they have in stock from us or any other weapon makers by clicking on the Gems logo above.
Don’t they have what you’re looking for on their website? They also carry Hack and Slash stock to events they visit. With over 25+ planned visits to events a year, you are bound to see Hack and Slash stock available to buy right there and then.  Give them a visit!


Here at Hack and Slash we like to try to give as many details as we can about LARP organisations so people know where they can go to be part of the action! If you are a LARP organisation and you want your details on the list, please contact us so we can post you up!

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We support the Green Cloaks system loads. Here you can find lots of our monsters and kit. This is the no.1 system in the UK for NERF/Latex weapon combi, set in a Sci-Fantasy system.
LARPAID is an event where you’re able to battle your wits and skill against fellow LARPers in a bid to raise money for charity. It’s like a gladiatorial contest measured by all manner of skills with other activities thrown in.

heart of pargon forums
Curious Pastimes Facebook Page
Lorien Trust Facebook Page
Facebook Heartlandslarp Group
Herofest Facebook Page
Wasteland-UK Facebook Page
Heroquest Facebook Page


In the line of work we’re in, we get to meet and talk to some really cool companies/people which we would like to support.
It might be that we have some sort affiliation with them, or they are companies which sell really great products which we don’t cater for.

Davidovs Facebook Page
Davidov's is a licenced IC Bar (+ character) which has a flexible space for Role-Playing and chilling at the same time with some mead, a beer or soft drinks! Super friendly and adaptable :) Well recommended!
Caslen Workshop's Facebook Page
Charley Hall is a freelance illustrator and modelmaker, specialising in original character portraits and book illustrations. Commissions for awesome art available!

UKNERFWAR both modify and do paint jobs on your Nerf weapons. They turn your standard bought weapons into weapons made of awesome and win! Massively cool!
Animepang Facebook Page
Animepang have a stall at MCM Expo events and supply Hack and Slash LARP safe weapons there! Check them out for some really special pieces!
Ceolard Monger Facebook Page
Ceolred Monger make, source and supply replica historical stuff to museums, film companies, theaters, re-enactors, LRPers, etc.

Blastersmiths Facebook Page
Blastersmiths are the top of their field in Nerf Weapon modifications. With a bank of 3D printers and a bucket load of knowledge, they are able to turn your childs nerf toy into a killing machine!
Millstream forge Facebook Page
Millstream forge, makers of high quality, affordable ironwork for larp, re-enactment, bushcraft and domestic use. Hand forged in Somerset, in the mists of Avalon. Commissions welcome.
Seaxe Crats make tailored and personalised leather and wooden items. All materials are hand-sourced and items are individually hand-crafted which gives a personal and unique touch!
Jaunty Rakish sell all kinds of LARP stuff including gothic style jewellery and accessories by Alchemy, alternative and gothic giftware, LARP weapons and props....and much more.











































































































If you're a LARP organisation and you're not on the list, please send us a message and we'll happily add you up!
Alternatively if there is a link that is incorrect, please make us aware. We do our best to make sure all the information here is correct but sometimes it slips through the net.