How long does it take to build items?

It generally takes between 3-5 weeks to produce a latex item, but this is only an approximate and can be affected by size and complexity. If it’s a custom order, an approximate time is given at the same time as a quote.
Every effort is made in the construction process to keep the customer informed of where we’re at. However, if things go quiet please don’t think nothing is being done. Sometimes if we go quiet, it simply means we’re working on orders, which is good news.
Ultimately it takes as long as needed to produce items and we won’t accept being instructed to rush orders.



  What is the oily feel on my new weapon?

The oily feeling is a layer of silicone which has been put onto it as a final layer. It is an anti-friction coat, which helps protect the weapon from any friction it may injure. It is a good idea to keep re-applying silicone to weapons to keep them in top condition. Please click here to visit the suggested weaponcare page.


  Do Hack and Slash re-latex weapons?

Unfortunately this is a service we do not offer as we like our weapons to built from scratch using our secure methods. Also removing latex can sometimes damage a weapon’s construction, especially if it is old and had some of its foam exposed to wear and tear.


  What are the charges for P&P?

There’s no set prices for P&P. Cost depends on the size, weight and distance/ location it has to travel to. We will of course keep the costs for this as low as possible.


  Do Hack and Slash Deliver abroad?

Yes we do indeed!
All deliveries outside of the UK need to be discussed with us as we would need to work out costs.
If you want us to deliver abroad please remember to supply us with your full name, full address including postcode, email address and phone number, as courier services ask for all this information. Thank you.




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