Welcome to Hack and Slash!
We are makers of latex weapons for use in films, Cosplay, Live-Action Role-Play, theatre and anything else that needs a bashy weapon! Commissions are accepted for bespoke designs of weapons you’ve always wanted and we give bulk order discounts as well.
Here at Hack and Slash our wealth of experience and awesome artistic abilities are focused on YOUR orders!
Should you require our friendly and reliable service, please drop us an email and tell us what you're after at; hackandslashweapons@outlook.com or pop onto our Facebook Page and send us a message!

LARPGEMS.COM are a prestigious LARP store with over a decade of experience in selling LARP weapons, props and equipment. They stock some of the very best and most well-known brands, now including Hack and Slash! Pop over to them if you’d like to browse what they have in stock from us or any other weapon makers by clicking on the Gems logo above.
Don’t they have what you’re looking for on their website? They also carry Hack and Slash stock to events they visit. With over 25+ planned visits to events a year, you are bound to see Hack and Slash stock available to buy right there and then.  Give them a visit!

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Hack and Slash are now making custom orders once again so for a quote please contact us!

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No matter how big the project, our studio is equipped to deal with it and we love our big projects!
Hack and Slash have experience in making batches of weapons to meet particular themes for groups who want to maintain continuity throughout. Themed weapons don’t have to mean ‘all the same’, they can be weapons, which, have very different shapes but are painted to seem that they are part of a set.
Or maybe you are an organisation that's looking to purchase your own stock of NPC/Monster weapons to use against your players? If so, we can certainly help and make a batch of weapons of varied designs and flavours.
Discounts are available for larger orders! Please drop us a line!


All weapons made by Hack and Slash pass an in-house quality check before being dispatched to the customer. We use a variety of specialized detailing, including freehand painting, vinyl graphics, airbrushing, embossing and engraving.
If you want us to build a weapon that has very specific measurements, we can do this for you! All you need to do is send us the details and we can work to the dimensions required!
Constructed Design
Finished Piece!